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. democrats were plus-7, when president obama got elected last year. and they were there. last night, when terry mcauliffe won the governorship. if you get presidential election type turnout in virginia, from here on out in all of their elections, republicans will never win again in that state. look specifically at the african-american turnout. when the republicans won that governorship back in 2009, the black turnout was 16%. when president obama was on the ballot last year, black turnout turned up to 20% of the electorate. last night again, black turnout was 20% of the electorate. african-american voters in virginia turned out. even though it was not a presidential year. even though it was an off-off year. and if african-american voters can turn out like that again in every election in virginia, that is a nightmare for the republican party. so yeah, ken cuccinelli lost, and the republicans lost the governorship. both of those are history-defying, bad news, bad bench marks for the republican party. and who turned out, looks bad for virginia republicans not just for last night's race but f
on the left there. he is the guy who put out my nominee for the single greatest obama care press release title of all time. obama care will mandate free sex changes. really? incidentally, also when that george reeker's riling boy came out in the miami news times, he is the one that defended george reeker saying that clearly this was a setup. somebody planted the hooker there. i don't believe the massager thing for a minute. but here's marco rubio doing -- public food, that erected over the past 48 hours in wyoming and in the "new york times," and on facebook and in the pr shop hired by the family so they could have their family change in public. that delightful fact was sparked by these ads being run against liz cheney in wyoming as she tried to mount her senate campaign there -- back to the future, to have mike huckabee's daughter, running attack ads against a candidate who has a gay sister that says see this shows you're not anti-gay enough. but that ad was effective enough in wyoming, it got liz champion to basically change her stated public opinion now. to now say she's against gay marriag
in washington. let me start tonight with this. the demolition campaign on anything obama continues its relentless run even today. with protesters out in the streets of washington denying this president's legitimacy. the goal is to erase this president's election and re-election. replacing it with a republican-enforced shutdown. not just on getting health care to the tens of millions lying in emergency rooms today, but on everything on every progressive front. it's not an overstatement to say right now even the very notion of elected self-government is now openly and shamelessly under assault. with the president's enemies now extend is nothing less than expunging the legacy from the history books before it's even written. clarence page is with the chicago tribune. and ron reagan is a former radio talk show host and msnbc contributor. the tea party is waging a water in an effort to nullify the president's existence as an american. tease are some of the highlights from a tea party rally today in washington, d.c. which included activist larry klayman who has accused the president of being
care. california is crucial to the success of obama care. president obama doesn't have to sell california on the affordable care act. california is already pretty much sold on the health care law. the state-run exchange, calling it covered california, is up and running and running well. paul krugman wrote about the implementation and said that enrollment is surging. at this point, more than 10,000 applications are being completed per day putting the state well on track to meet its overall targets for 2014 coverage. he pointed out it matters who is signing up. young, healthy people are needed to keep costs down. one quarter of all enrollies are the healthy young people between 18-34. you can track this if you want. health care law is a success. maybe there has been better advertising there. maybe californians are more into health care. maybe the home to silicon valley couldn't stand the national embarrassment of creating a website that doesn't work. one definite reason why the health care law is working in california right now is because of that state's governor. it is a democra
whether you should sign up for obama care, given your personal situation and what's important to you. so, you take the quiz. you tell them whether or not you are a person who "likes having choices when selecting a physician or a hospital." well, do you? also, are you comfortable regularly updating the government on your health and on your financial challenges? no matter how you answer any of the questions on the website, no matter what you say, the advice you get from the website is advice like this -- don't do it. you would benefit from staying put. do not sign up for this obama care thing, no matter what. knowthefactsalaska.org is one of two new websites in alaska that both started this month on the same day in practically the same internet breath. they looked the same, went up at the same time, both have the same mysterious no contact information, where did you come from. but where the knowthefacts website tries to talk you out of signing up for health insurance, the other one, the other antihealth reform website, that one up at the exact same time also for alaska, it drops the subtle
? this is what happens under president barack obama has never been done before in american history. there have only been judicial and executive branch filibusters on nominees since the '60s. but using them to make people wait years after they are nominated for something, before their nomination actually gets voted on, this is a new thing. this is a new thing. and the republicans the in the senate saved this one up for this particular president. on tuesday of this week, supreme court justice antonin scalia wrote this ruling, which allowed texas, basically, to keep shutting down abortion clinics in the state. the new texas anti-abortion law that it's already shut down a third of the clinics in that state, it's sort of on the bubble, legally, and the supreme court had to decide whether to put a hold on the law while it is being challenged or whether they would let the law go ahead. and justice scalia wrote this ruling saying, yeah, let that go ahead and shut all those clinics done in the meantime. those who disagreed were these guys. justice ginsburg, justice breyer, sotomayor, and kagan. the oth
with a health care plan, it would have to look exactly like obama care. because that was the republican health care plan. it was from the heritage foundation. then it was romney care before it was obama care. this is the republican idea of how to do this. since obama did it, it's got to be the devil. >> and by the way, it's mathematical. if you're going to insure people with bad health records, pre-existing conditions, older people, you need healthier and younger people to include in the pool otherwise it's not just insurance, it's maintenance. to this point, former governor sarah palin, half-time governor, has been out in front and center in the gop war against the affordable care act. like pretty much everyone else attacking the law, she has no alternative. take a listen to her vagueness with an interview with matt lauer only yesterday. >> from the tea party over and over again we're hearing the words no, defund, delay, repeal. >> absolutely. >> what are we hearing from the gop in terms of a plan to replace obama care? >> it's not just tea party movements. this is many in the republicans and
. and that was not a coincidence. the george w. bush administration, the obama administration, really lots of presidents have shown a pronounced tendency to release the white house salary lists late in the day on friday. the obama administration announced they would keep the george w. bush military tribunals going in an announcement they made late in the day on a friday. when chris christie decided to veto the .50 caliber gunman he suggested in new jersey, he announced it, say with it me now, late in the day on a friday. friday news dumps make the news business the only one in america where the time you are happiest to go to work is at night because of all the junk they do on a friday night because they think no one will notice. today, republicans let fly an epic friday news dump, one that may be the legacy of this entire congress. as you know, this congress has no record of having passed anything at all and i don't say that at an epithet. they have passed no significant legislation since they have been in session at all. nothing. they did shut down the government, almost make the government default, but that's li
midnight, this saturday night, president obama broke the streak when he gave the full weight of his president at the podium gravitas to the announcement that previously had just been made on twitter, which was that for the first time in more than a decade, iran had agreed to a historic deal to epp up their nuclear program to international inspections and to halt specific parts of their nuclear program temporarily in exchange for some relief from sanctions, sanctions that have had such a devastating effect not on just the government of iran but on everyday iranians' everyday lives. now, this is only a preliminary deal, it's only for six months to create space for more negotiations on, hopefully, a bigger picture resolution on the nuclear question in iran. but in terms of assessing the deal, it's probably a good sign that hardliners in both of our countries are absolutely enraged. that's encouraging. not down the line, actually, though, it should be noted, crucially, the supreme leader in iran, the ayatollah khomeini is reportedly in favor of both the negotiations and the announced de
. and the obama administration makes a big move late in the day today to stop the sheldoned aalsons and foster freezes and coke brothers of the world from trying to buy the next presidential election as well. they made the change without congress today. they announced the first part of it today. and if you know any i'd logically motivated billionaires and today they seemed like they were in a really bad mood, this policy change might be why. there's a lot going on on this tuesday of this week. we start with the united states supreme court. and the court's decision to weigh in on the conservative war on birth control. it's hard to even say war on birth control, but as long as we as a country are going to use the word war on things that are endangered, the conservative war on birth control is a thing. and right now it is hilting the big time in republican politics. >> one of the things i will talk about, that the president has talked about before is that i think the dangers of contraception are -- and the whole sexual lib ber -- many in the chris christian faith have said contraception is okay.
in the day on a friday afternoon. and that was not a coincidence. george w. bush administration, the obama can administration have shown a pronounced ten denity so release the white house salary lists late in the day on a friday. the obama administration announced they would keep the george w. bush military tribunals going. when new jersey governor chris christie decided to veto the 50 caliber gun ban that he suggested it announced it late in the day on a friday. this is how they do it. friday news dumps make the news business the the only business in america where the time you are happiest to go to work is friday night because of all the junk they do on friday night they hope nobody will notice. they let fly an epic friday news dump. one that, in fact, may really be the legacy of this entire congress. as you know, this congress has no record of having passed anything at all. and i don't see that as an epithet. they have passed no significant legislation since they have been in session at all, all year long. nothing. they didn't shut down the government. they did almost make the government
leans really quite democratic. president obama in 2012 won virginia by about 115,000 votes. his margin of victory in fairfax county was nearly 85,000 votes. that's where he got that margin. so, yeah, fairfax county is the mother lode for democrats, to the extent that virginia is a purple state. fairfax county is the blue part of the purple. and in fairfax county, there is some trouble. heading into the voting period, republicans should have recognized there was going to be trouble, should have recognized the omen that things were going to be difficult when the local republican party in that county objected to a button that democratic party volunteers wanted to wear at polling places. the local republicans said democrats should not be allowed to wear such a partisan political slogan anywhere near where people were actually voting. the objectionable slogan on the button was this -- every vote counts! the republican party of fairfax county, virginia, objects to that blatantly partisan sentiment! they tried to get those pins banned. "every vote counts!" are you kidding? that's so democrati
obama announced a fix in the implementation of national health reform. he announced that because of criticism, he would change the law to grandfather in people's old plans that do not meet the new standards of what a health plan is supposed to offer. on a very small proportion of people will be affected by this rule change. but the criticism on that aspect of health reform has just been deafening. today's change in empirical terms will not have a significant effect on health reform overall. but because of the megaphone that republicans, and it has to be said, the media, have put on any and all criticism of any aspect of this law, this policy tweet today was treated as earth-shattering news in washington. and now republicans have to decide if they are happy with this fix that was announced today, this fix to what they've been complaining about so loudly. or whether they will demand that the law not be fixed. because then, heaven forbid, the law might work. joining us now is jonathan gruber. he's a professor of economics at m.i.t., who was a key architect of the massachusetts healt
an optimist, i have to be, i'm named barack obama and became president, and won twice. so look, keep in mind first of all that what was said here was absolutely right. this is a boost to our economy. they're suspicious of comprehensive bills, but you know what? if they want to chop that thing up into five pieces, as long as all five pieces get done, i don't care what it looks like as long as it is actually delivering on those core values that we talk about. >> the latest state of objection from house republicans as to why they wouldn't do immigration is that they wanted to do it piece by piece instead of one bill. that was the last objection they had, the last thing they could use to explain why they hadn't done it. after that interview with the wall street journal, they said okay, we'll do it that way. regardless, no signs that the republicans are going to do it that way at all. and now, john boehner, even if he wanted to hit his favorite morning diner he would probably hit another heart-rending 13-year-old when he got there. last night, steven colbert hosted the man who came in second duri
does not say president obama was born in kenya. bradley byrne will enter the general election for that congressional seat in december, a heavily favored over his democratic opponent. it is southern alabama, after all. the biggest story tonight was in virginia, where the race between democrat terry mcauliffe and republican ken cuccinelli was a closer one that had been suggested by the polls. it was the vote in northern virginia that came in late tonight, that put terry mcauliffe over the top and he will be the next governor of the commonwealth. republican ken cuccinelli explained his loss tonight in a concession speech to his supporters, saying his loss was not really about him. >> though i'm obviously disappointed by tonight's outcome, and i know you are too, i am immensely proud of the campaign we ran. we were -- we were very heavily outspent, but i'm proud that we ran on first principles, and serious ideas based on those principles. and though we didn't come out on top, you have made a difference and tonight you have sent a message. this race came down to the wire because of
released the enrollment numbers for the affordable care act. turns out in the first months of obama care going into effect over 100,000 people enrolled in new health insurance plans. president obama had tried to set expectations low for what the first enrollment numbers would be. his speech last month in boston, for example, noted that in the first month of sign-ups for the massachusetts version of health reform, only 100 people signed none the whole first month. but in massachusetts, eventually the glitches got ironed out, and enrollment numbers went up. and now in massachusetts, there is essentially universal coverage. that state is essentially the template for our national numbers. but the numbers out today, 100,000 people signed up in the first month. in addition, another one million people were determined to be eligible for getting a new play in marketplaces for health insurance. but they have not chosen a plan yet. the overall idea is for everybody to get insurance over time. the republicans are rejoicing in the early low numbers, praying nobody else signs up to get health insuranc
are filibustering a nomination president obama has made for the bench in the d.c. circuit, is the president putting up enough of a fight and the right kind of fight on these issues given that we know how important they are? even years down the road? >> you know, you said it in your intro, rachel, and it's so true. i think we absolutely underestimate that president george w. bush's real legacy was that he fundamentally changed the federal bench. probably for years and years to come. i mean he really did leave office having seated younger, more conservative federalist society members. you know, these people are as you said each and every one of them, you know, walking the walk. and obama had the option to respond to each of those appo t appointments we equally strong, card carrying aclu, bomb-throwing, janice rogers brown of the left. he really has opted not to. he's done it very, very little. he tends to favor more centrist, moderate, confirmable jurists. and what we saw with patricia millet, yesterday even the most centrist, she's an army spouse, litigated on behalf of corporations, she's really,
in 2008. it was barack obama running against john mccain. white voters went for the republican by this huge margin. this does not mean that 47% of white people voted republican in texas. it means that white people voted for john mccain by a 47-point margin. black voters picked the democratic candidate for president by a 96-point margin. the black vote in 2008 in texas was 98-2 for barack obama. for latinos it was a similar huge margin for the democrats. the democratic ticket did better than the republican ticket among latino voters in 2008 by a margin of 28 points. there is just a stark, stark racial divide in the voting patterns in texas. again, this is the '08 presidential race. i would show you the 2012 presidential numbers, too, but, weirdly, texas did not get exit polled in 2012, some sort of cost-saving measure or something, so there aren't 2012 numbers. but you can see between 2008 and 2010, there is a consistency over time. in the last governors race in texas, in 2010, there was also a disparity in income. households making over $50,000 all went republican. households m
a message. this race came down to the wire because of obama care. let me say that again, despite being outspent by an unprecedented $15 million, this race came down to the wire because of obama care. that message will go out across america tonight. >> that is the attempted republican spin out of virginia tonight, just so it's clear, the message is that, by electing a democrat, virginians are sending a message that they hate the democratic health care law. that's the message, and they are sticking to it. terry mcauliffe, the new governor elect as of tonight delivered his victory speech after the succession speech. he thinks republicans who crossed party lines to vote for them. this is interesting. the race for attorney general in virginia has not yet been called. 99% in, too close to call. look at the number of votes between the 2 candidates. this is the race between the republican and democrat that looks to be very close at this hour. over the weekend, the chairman of the republican party told politico that a 10 victory was within reach provided turnout was low enough. the quote from t
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